ASM Web Services, new ‘partner’ of HCL Technologies

The multinational HCL Technologies announced last December an agreement to acquire part of IBM’s software business, for 1.8 billion dollars. The operation, which will be completed in mid-2019 and which will allow HCL Technologies to reinforce its position as a world technology leader, concerns some of our clients, who are users of the solutions that the Indian multinational will buy, such as Gold Business Partner that we are from IBM in Spain. To ensure that this transition allows them to continue using the same software, at ASM Web Services we have signed a partnership agreement with the Indian multinational.

ASM Web Services firma un acuerdo de partnership con HCL Technologies

With this acquisition, the company sees an opportunity to continue its expansion in Europe, taking advantage of the implementation of IBM solutions in this market. Hence, one of his priorities, as stated by Marcelo Cabane, member of the executive team of HCL Products & Platforms, in charge of the European and Latin American markets, “is the retention of customers and the acceleration in the development of our products. , and at the same time that it is easy to do business with us ”. HCL acquires seven ‘software’ platforms HCL will purchase seven software platforms from IBM seeking a larger clientele and allowing it to increase its presence in the areas of commerce, security and market. “We see an opportunity for continuity and growth in robust and venerable products, respected leaders in the market, with a loyal customer base, but which, nevertheless, with the passage of time and the new strategic orientation of IBM, have been losing them. focus and investment ”, according to the HCL Technologies executive.

Marcelo Cabane

Tools purchased include Appscan (web security monitoring and testing tools), BigFix (systems management), Unica (business marketing management), Commerce (e-commerce), Portal (construction and management of web portals), Notes & Domino (email and rapid application development), and Connections (work collaboration). Although the acquisition process is not yet complete, certain improvements are already beginning to be seen in these software platforms. “Since we began with the intellectual property agreements with IBM, we have significantly accelerated their development, with new releases, updates and greater support,” concludes Cabane.

We implement One Time Password in Cofely to ensure secure remote access to your data

This month we have implemented for Cofely Spain, an expert company in energy and environmental efficiency services belonging to the multinational group GDF SUEZ, a remote access to its corporate network that focuses on security. It is the One Time Password (OTP) solution that allows access to the corporate network using a virtual private network –Virtual Private Network (VPN) -. Every day more companies need to provide their teams with access to data remotely. Ensuring the security of this type of operation is essential. At ASM Web Services we are convinced that One Time Password is a very good solution, since it ensures a different password each time a user wants to access the company network. The mobile phone is used to generate the new password (token), which prevents the user from having a device to generate them. What technology have we used For the Cofely project we have used Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP) consisting of:

  1. VIP Access: an application that is downloaded to the SmartPhone and that provides a part of the OTP password.

  2. VIP Authentication Service: service in the Cloud that secures a single token per user (mobile device).

  3. VIP Enterprise Gateway: RADIUS server that we install in our infrastructure to integrate OTP with our corporate firewall.

Diagram: Implementation is quick, easy and not disruptive to the production environment. User-friendliness It is common for users to be reluctant to change, and this is something Symantec has taken into account when implementing OTP using VIP. The user continues to use his username and password, but also must enter a numeric code after his password; that code number is the OTP. So that:

  • Nombre de usuario: [El habitual, no cambia en nada] p.ej.: jsmith
  • Password: [Your password followed by the OTP code] p.ej.: mypassword + 342218

The result is very satisfactory: it is highly competitive, and it is easy to use and implement.

ASM Web Services at the Akeneo PIM Summit 2019

“We will always have Paris …” It is not that we have become nostalgic, it is that for the ASM Web Services team, heading to the city of light is unavoidable, at least once a year. The reason? Participate in the Akeneo PIM Summit 2019, the annual meeting of Akeneo clients and partners, which is held in the French capital. This year’s event took place on February 6 and 7. We attended, for the third consecutive year, as the official partner in Spain of the French company specialized in the commercialization of PIM (Product Information Management) software.

Ponencia de Joseph Pine durante el Akeneo PIM Summit 2019 / ©Akeneo

From PIM to PXM

The Akeneo PIM Summit 2019 pivoted on a paradigm shift that the Akeneo company is developing with regard to its product catalog management software. PIM (Product Information Management) will evolve to PXM (Product Experience Management). It will stop being simply a product manager to offer the possibility of managing the experiences of users who want to buy. Customers no longer only buy influenced by product information, but they buy driven by the shopping experience that each e-commerce offers. In the conference given by Virginie Blot, Akeneo’s professional service manager, she influenced this transformation from PIM to PXM. One of the examples that she presented was the project that ASMWS developed for Roca, the sanitary materials company, with the implementation of Akeneo PIM in all its online channels.

The Akeneo PIM 3.0 arrives

Every year the organizers take advantage of the Akeneo PIM Summit to discover something new. On this occasion, the new update of the Akeneo PIM, version 3.0, was presented. In addition, we had the opportunity to share our experiences and concerns with the entire global ecosystem created around Akeneo PIM. Presentations by experts, exhibitions on success stories and also round tables were scheduled. Precisely, we participated in the Akeneo partner round table, where both the commercial and training strategy for 2019 were discussed.

We prepared to leap forward

At ASM Web Services we are determined to apply that of a new year, new life. During 2018 a transformation has been taking place that will culminate in 2019 and that will mean a turn in the company’s strategy. We will do so coinciding with the fifteenth anniversary of our foundation. This process of change is nothing more than a response through innovation to the challenges that customers have been posing us. It is possible that among the gifts this Christmas you have received a Google Home or Amazon Alexa, the virtual assistants controlled by voice that work based on artificial intelligence (AI), right? This is what we mean when we talk about new challenges. In 2018 artificial intelligence has hit hard and has taken a large part of the prominence in the technological world. More and more businesses have opted for integrating these types of advanced technologies that allow machines to understand, act and learn.

Amazon Echo IA

“Elementary my dear Watson…”

At ASM Web Services we have incorporated the IBM Watson artificial intelligence solution to our service catalog. Seeing what the market demands, the decision was elementary – “My dear Watson,” Sherlock Holmes would point out. The IBM Watson platform is capable of making intelligent decisions by analyzing millions of data in real time and constantly learning. In addition, IBM cognitive technology, among other things, automates customer service services and guides you through the purchase process by recommending products or services based on your interests.

IBM Watson inteligencia artificial

2018 has been a year to further strengthen ties with IBM.

The North American giant has recognized our trajectory and quality offering technological solutions, granting us the Gold Business Partner qualification. The recognition is part of the IBM PartnerWorld program, IBM’s premier partner program that gives partners access to tools and resources to help transform clients into leaders in their industry.

And also with Akeneo

We have also strengthened ties with Akeneo. Rodrigo Pais Garay – our eCommerce functional consultant – has obtained the official certification as Akeneo Implementation Specialist.

This one, along with the one he had achieved months ago as a Magento Certified Solution Specialist, makes him the first consultant in the entire state to have this dual certification. Centralized product information. I fact, during the month of October we started the implementation of Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition for Roca. With this incorporation, the sanitary company will centralize all the product information in the catalog of all its brands worldwide.

With this project we further strengthen this strategic line of business.

Codorníu’s new ‘eCommerce’

One of the most important wineries in Spain, Codorníu, has decided to give new impetus to its online sales with the launch of the new eCommerce. Our team has worked for months on the development of this online store managed with Magento 2.0, one of the most popular and effective e-commerce platforms in the world.

Codorníu’s new online store includes customization functions that users can apply to their orders during the purchase process.

For example, in the Anna de Codorníu product line they can select different bottle designs and include personalized messages on the label, which they write while making the online purchase.

Personalización botellas Anna de Codorníu

Do you know what a television platform for virtual PayTV operators is?

Explained in a very simplified way, it is a platform that allows local fiber operators to combine the content of online series and movie platforms such as Netflix with their fixed, mobile and internet offer.

Also the soccer matches of beIN Sports and other digital channels such as Fox, Syfy or AXN. Throughout 2018 ASM Web Services has been a technological partner of a new platform of this type, TVUp. 

There are projects of which we are proud, not only for the final result but also for what their creation can contribute to society. The weSAVEeat eCommerce is one of them.

The UN CC: Learn association, linked to the United Nations (UN), has included weSAVEeat in a selection of six apps from around the world that contribute to change the way we buy food. The post highlights the savings in food that can be achieved using this mobile application, developed by ASMWS. UN CC: Learn is a partnership of more than 30 multilateral organizations that support countries to design and implement training strategies on climate change that are systematic, recurrent and results-oriented.

App weSAVEeat

We have taken a leap

The year that we have just said goodbye has helped us to grow outside of Catalonia. We have opened new offices in León, located in the Center for Technology-Based Companies (CEBT), very close to the popular MUSAC, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla y León. Hand in hand with the new facilities has come an expansion of the team with the incorporation of Mario Coello and Jesús Martínez. Both will work in the area dedicated to the development of projects with the Scala programming language. From ASM Web Services we wish you a happy and successful 2019.

Rodrigo País-Garay, the first consultant in Spain to achieve the double certification of Akeneo and Magento

The first in all of Spain. Rodrigo País-Garay, our eCommerce functional consultant, has just obtained the official certification as Akeneo Implementation Specialist. This one, along with the one he had achieved months ago as a Magento Certified Solution Specialist, makes him the first consultant in the entire state to have this dual certification.

What does it suppose?

The Akeneo Implementation Specialist certification is designed for consultants who can configure and implement Akeneo PIM projects according to the needs and business strategy of each client.

The Akeneo PIM is a product information management system. It centralizes and harmonizes all marketing and technical information from product listings and catalogs. The achievement of this certificate by Rodrigo País-Garay only reinforces the alliance that ASM Web Services has had for two years as Akeneo’s partner in Spain.