“ASM Web Services has proven to be the best travel companion for the tremendous challenge we faced in the context of dynamic pricing.
Thanks to the joint Goldcar-ASMWS team, we have managed to create a powerful, flexible and highly competitive product.
Our limits are now only the changing market cycles.”

César López
Europcar Mobility Group
Low Cost Business Unit
Director of Technology

“ASM has helped us obtain our own tool for B2B distribution price optimization. This has provided us with greater agility in our decisions when setting prices. The working team understood our needs and developed the web application we needed in record time.”

Dalina Leonor
Director of Revenue Strategy
Globalia B2B Wholesale Distribution

“ASMWS impressed us with their efficiency, enthusiasm and attention to detail.
The ASMWS team understood our requirements perfectly and accompanied us in the creation of our online sales and loyalty platforms.”

Javier Martínez
Grupo Godó

“For GENERAL ÓPTICA, ASMWS is synonymous with professionalism, reliability and client focus.
Over all the years we have worked together, ASMWS has continuously shown us that they are an excellent partner for our technological projects.”

Lali Brucart
CIO General Optica

“ASMWS have been able to provide solutions to problems that other suppliers have not been able to solve.”

Jesús Haro
CEO Carritus

"ASMWS has understood our needs and has executed their brief with diligence and professionalism.
Many make a show of partnership. In our case, we can certify that we really have achieved it."

Eudald Domenech
Service Architect
TV Up Media Telecom

“ASMWS form a real team, with which I would work on any project.”

Javier Figuerola
CEO Aba English

"Thanks to ASMWS we have managed to transfer the corporate mail from On Premise to the Cloud. The process has been professional, agile and very effective, the users hardly appreciated the change. And above all, they never left us alone.""

Xavier Comella
TIC & eCommerce Manager