Why choose VTEX as your eCommerce platform?

We live in a time of constant change in which being updated is key to stay in the market. One of the most important points when digitizing our business is to have a good online presence. Therefore, we have to choose the most appropriate platform for our eCommerce.

It is essential that it is stable, secure and offers a good user experience, in order to achieve successful transactions. Therefore, today we want to talk about VTEX, an online business development platform that we believe meets all these requirements.

1. You don’t have to be on the lookout for updates
When working with VTEX, we work with a SaaS infrastructure. This allows your eCommerce to always have the latest software version. This way we avoid going through long update processes as it happens with other platforms.

2. Allows multi-channeling
When your business has an online presence, it is important that you can access all the channels in which your customer may be present. This can be difficult to centralize in one place, but with VTEX it is possible.
The VTEX instore feature allows you to have all your customer information centralized in one place, linking online and offline with unified communication.

3. For all types of businesses
It is a platform designed for any business model. VTEX is capable of developing eCommerce for B2B, B2C and even marketplaces.

4. Fully customizable
The platform is not as limiting when it comes to designing pages as others, which only allow you to touch the color and text within pre-designed pages. You can create, customize and develop as you wish. In addition, there is the A/B test functionality, with which you can create, for example, 2 pages of the same product and the system itself defines which one achieves a higher conversion rate.

5. Monthly reports of your eCommerce performance
Within the license price, one of the services included is the monthly reporting. Every month, the VTEX team sends you a report on your monthly performance so that you can optimize your processes and achieve more sales.

6. The product catalog

It allows you to have a product catalog fully adapted to your business: with unlimited categories, possibility to formalize SKUs and other value attributes, add enriched content through images, videos, opinions, etc.

7. The simplicity of checkout processes
It has the smart checkout technology, which makes the first purchase of a customer on your website super easy and fast. The entire purchase process takes place on the same page and does not require registration or login with email or password. In addition, from the second purchase, just by entering the email address, all customer information will be automatically filled in.

Do you want to create an eCommerce that meets all your expectations? In ASM Web Services we have been developing online business for 18 years and we have a highly qualified team in this service. Contact us

Meet the Digital Kit

In ASM Web Services we have been certified as digitalizing agents to grant the Digital Kit to SMEs and freelancers. But, what is the Digital Kit?

The Digital Kit is a financial aid, up to 12,000 euros, to boost the digitization of those who may find more obstacles in the way of digital transformation: SMEs and freelancers.

This aid is born from the great crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic. The European Union launched the Next Generation European funds, endowed with 750,000 million euros, of which 140,000 were for Spain. This led to the creation of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, which includes the Digital Kit for the digitalization and technological promotion of SMEs and the self-employed.

What services can I use it for?

In ASM we offer many digitalization services that your company can benefit from using the Digital Kit:

  • Website and internet presence
  • Customer management
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Cybersecurity
  • E-commerce
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Virtual office services and tools
  • Social network management
  • Process management
  • Secure communications

Application deadlines

In March, the program opened for the first segment of beneficiaries: companies with between 10 and 49 workers. As of this July, it is now open for micro-SMEs with between 3 and 10 workers. For the self-employed or small companies with between 1 and 3 workers, the turn will be between September and October (depending on the forecast).

Requirements to benefit from the Digital Kit

In order to benefit from the Digital Kit your company must meet the following conditions:

  1. Be a small company, a micro-company or a self-employed.
  2. Not be considered a company in crisis.
  3. Be up to date with tax and Social Security payments.
  4. Not to incur in any of the prohibitions foreseen in the General Law of Subsidies.
  5. To be registered in the Census of businessmen, professionals and resellers of the State Agency of Tributary Administration or in the equivalent census of the Foral Tax Administration.
  6. Not be subject to a pending recovery order following a previous decision of the European Commission.
  7. Not to exceed the minimum aid limit (€200,000).
  8. Have the Digital Maturity Level assessment according to the diagnostic test on the Acelera Pyme platform.

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Trends in mobile application development in 2022

Mobile applications continue their upward trajectory in 2022

Mobile applications continue their upward trajectory in 2022

Mobile apps are booming and thriving like there is no tomorrow. In 2020 the mobile app market exceeded $300 billion and by 2025 the market is expected to exceed $600 billion.

People’s lives are increasingly digital, and this extends to how and where they shop, how they get their information and how they communicate.

Software development plays a key role in driving business revenue. Applications that fulfill a unique need, are innovative in meeting that need, and offer a high-quality user experience have the highest levels of user retention. And we already know that the more users, the more revenue.

Here are the trends to keep in mind when it comes to mobile app development:

m-Commerce or Mobile Commerce

With more and more shoppers preferring to shop online, more and more brands and retailers are creating mobile apps to offer a better shopping experience. Unlike e-commerce, mobile commerce (or m-commerce) involves online shopping through a mobile app rather than a mobile website. The m-commerce market is expected to reach $22 billion by 2022, likely because many B2B and B2C companies have seen an increase in engagement, conversion rates and revenue growth after developing their mobile app.
IoT and Cloud

Internet of Things (IoT) technology and mobile-connected smart objects have been around for years, but the market is growing and IoT spending is expected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2023, according to Statista. The biggest driver for cloud and IoT adoption is security, a growing concern for enterprises. With more than $120 billion spent on IT security in 2019 worldwide, it’s easy to see why enterprises are looking to other solutions. IoT and the cloud offer other benefits, such as reduced operational costs, improved efficiency and increased connections to other platforms through APIs.
Artificial Intelligence

In the quest to deliver personalized user experiences for mobile apps, predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms will be the key technologies to incorporate. AI is essential for navigation, speech recognition and natural language processing (NLP). Behavioral algorithms can also improve security by analyzing user behaviors and detecting fraud, suspicious activity and potential data breaches.

With user benefits such as faster throughput speed, fast data transfer and lower latency, the time has come for your mobile app to support 5G connections.

As Statista states, the 5G market will exceed $600 billion by 2030. Do you have an idea of the room for growth that 5G has on the near horizon?

Wearable usage continues to increase


Statista forecasts that there will be 1.1 billion connected wearable devices by 2022 and that the largest number of 5G connections will be made through these devices. Wearables are another way to bring convenience to your users: the ability to receive notifications and messages on their smartwatch was the most prominent wearable feature for U.S. users (Statista). Within the wearables market, fitness tracking and health parameter monitoring has seen strong upward demand.


Beacons were introduced in 2013, but are becoming increasingly popular for mobile application development, particularly for retail businesses. For consumers, benefits include real-time, location-specific offers and alerts, as well as the convenience of mobile payments (an essential element of mobile commerce). For businesses, beacons allow them to gain insight into their customers’ preferences and shopping patterns and turn this data into a more personalized shopping experience.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

The integration of AR/VR technology into mobile applications is still an emerging trend, but it is important to be aware of it. The global AR/VR market reached $12 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $160 billion by 2023 (Statista). As AR/VR technologies advance, they will drive a transformation of mobile applications, particularly in video gaming, entertainment, travel and live video streaming. AR/VR technology is another way to interact with customers in a more personalized way: consumers can try on clothes, see how a piece of furniture would look in their living room, or visualize themselves on their dream vacation.

In conclusion, in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, which has caused many consumers to move much of their lives online, there is a new impetus to deliver more personalized experiences to each consumer. The mobile app development trends for 2022 echo this new reality and incorporating them into your mobile app roadmap will set you up for success in this new year and beyond.


ASM Web Services coming of age with many changes

The new ASM Web Services offices in Barcelona

The new ASM Web Services offices in Barcelona

Is coming of age in technology companies celebrated at the age of 18? At ASM Web Services, yes, we like celebrations and we are happy because we have been making our clients’ technology projects a reality for 18 years. And if we take into account the last two years marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s almost worth double. We have always been committed to renewal and change, and this last year has left us with a lot of them.

2021 was an important challenge to assess the company’s growth trend. After a minimal stagnation in 2020, we have overcome it with a growth close to 15%, reaching a total turnover of more than 4 million euros.

This milestone has again been thanks to our customers, who continue to bet on us. It is worth highlighting two tremendously revealing data: 60% of sales in 2021 have been to customers with an antiquity of 5 years. But even more relevant is that 29.56% of sales were to customers who have been with us for more than 10 years.

This growth has undoubtedly been thanks to the dedication, commitment and sacrifice of a team of people, who despite having numerous job offers, have been loyal to this business model that 5 technicians founded 18 years ago. Today we are more than 50 professionals, with an average seniority of almost 7 years, involved and fully aligned with our mission: to be an ebusiness company open to the world where we grow together.

Teleworking and talent distributed throughout the territory

10 years ago we opted for teleworking and geographical dispersion in search of the best talent. We wanted professionals from all corners of the Spanish geography, from Barcelona to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, favoring family reconciliation.

It has been a tremendously demanding year, where with this small team we have been able to meet the growth in demand from historical and new clients, such as ILSA, Lladró, Kid&Us, Laboratorios Echevarne, Prysmian Cables, ESHOB, JumboDiset, Gonzalez Byass (through Minsait), etc. All this with the best will to add value, with endless working days, with production start-ups in highly complex environments, and always with the best and most praiseworthy attitude.


Reunión de parte del equipo de ASM Web Services en las nuevas oficinas de Barcelona

Meeting of part of the ASM Web Services team at the new offices in Barcelona.

Back to Barcelona: the culmination of an evolution

One of the changes of the last twelve months is that ASM Web Services has returned to Barcelona, where we started our business journey. The new headquarters are located at Avenida Madrid, 95, in a very central and well-connected area.

The objective of this move is to facilitate the proximity with our customers and partners such as Magento or VTEX, and also with our employees when it comes to combine face-to-face work and teleworking. Working from these new offices in Barcelona will facilitate the integration of the new Mobile Apps development company, which is also located in the same city.

This change of headquarters is the culmination of a process of evolution of ASM Web Services. At the beginning of 2021 we implemented a new operating model that involved the creation of tech hubs. The company now has two highly specialized development centers: one in Barcelona, focused on the development of Mobile Apps, and another in León, dedicated to Software Engineering and Pricing Optimization Tools.

New projects marked by Covid-19 prevention

The ASM Web Services team is a powerful, flexible team that adapts to the needs of each moment to offer the best solutions to our customers. And this year, it has responded to requests to create solutions in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are a few examples.

After a year of forced absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Mobile World Congress returned to Barcelona in 2021 and bet on two technological solutions developed by the mobile apps team of ASM Web Services: the Lead Retrieval and Vip Drop Off applications.

Lead Retrieval is a mobile app for real-time contact management that uses NFC technology and QR codes. Its use avoids physical contact between Mobile World Congress attendees, in addition to controlling access to the event. In the case of a Covid-19 positive among the attendees, it allowed the traceability of this person’s contacts.

It also has other interesting functions for exhibitors, such as having instant information about visitors by scanning the QR of the pass, obtaining contacts by bringing the cell phone close to the pass via NFC and viewing them later in reports with different filters.

Also developed for Mobile World Congress, the VIP Drop Off app is used to manage the parking area.


Tiketblok es una app que permite organizar eventos seguros en época CovidTiketblok is an app that allows you to organize safe events in Covid period

Tiketblok: an app for ‘Covid-free’ events

One of the great challenges during the pandemic has been to be able to concentrate people in an enclosed space to enjoy live music. Some clinical studies were carried out, such as the concert in May of Manel in La Mirona de Salt. A thousand people were able to attend and enjoy without security distances. The Tiketblok app was key.

This application, created by the start-up of the same name and developed by the mobile apps team of ASM Web Services, acts as an intermediary between attendees and events. It allows the entire audience of a large event to be identified through their cell phones.

All attendees had to prove that they were people with very low contagious capacity (MBCC), and have the ICC AOKpass virtual health certificate. The Tiketblok app connects anonymously with official health certificate issuers to include in the ticket itself whether the ticket holder is an MBCC person.


La aplicación OTR permite realizar competiciones virtuales entre corredores durante todo el añoThe OTR application allows virtual competitions between runners throughout the year.


Open Trail Races: year-round races in spite of Covid

Covid-19 has forced people to sharpen their wits so that they can enjoy the activities they used to do safely. One example is the races. For several months they were cancelled, but technology offered the possibility of doing them alone through an app. And now both types of competitions coexist.

This is the case of the Open Trail Races app. Apart from calendars and marathons, it allows you to compete throughout the year. The runner has to install the app on his cell phone, register and download the track of the race he wants to run. It allows virtual competitions between runners comparing times and rankings to encourage participation.

The OTR racing application has been developed by the ASM Web Services team for The Trail Zone, a company dedicated to sports tourism that creates and designs unmarked trail stations and competitive circuits 24/7 with the application. It currently has more than 130 races, championships and stage races throughout Spain.

The most powerful version of Akeneo PIM

The French multinational Akeneo, of which ASM Web Services is an official partner, launched a renewed version of its product information management system, its most powerful version: version 5.0 of Akeneo PIM software in Enterprise and Community editions, which we are implementing in 2 new customers.

These are some of the projects completed this year, which we can share with all of you.

Finally, I would like to give my sincere thanks to all of you who have made this possible.

Justo Soria

CEO ASM Web Servies



We developed a PWA for Petit Celler’s eCommerce.

 Petit Celler's new eCommerce in progressive web app (PWA) format.

Petit Celler’s new eCommerce in progressive web app (PWA) format.

Online wine sales grew by 60% on average in Spain during 2020. This is the figure that emerges from a study conducted by ProWein, the international reference fair for wines and spirits organized in Germany. This upward trend in online wine purchases is an opportunity for growth and opening up new markets for the wine sector that should be taken advantage of. In this favorable context, Petit Celler has just launched its renewed eCommerce in progressive web app (PWA) format.

The distributor, which sells wines from different Spanish and international appellations of origin, as well as cavas and spirits, commissioned us to develop its new eCommerce. After analyzing the characteristics of the project, the ASM Web Services team proposed to implement a PWA for eCommerce, developed with a new Front End in ReactJS, and integrated with a Back End with Magento 2.

The PWA increases browsing speed

Progressive web apps (PWA) are a solution based on the traditional web that incorporates some particularities that make it look like a native app for cell phones and tablets. PWAs provide experiences that are consistently fast. In addition, they allow operation, either partially or even fully, despite no or low quality internet connection.

One of the main advantages that the use of PWA technology in its eCommerce, combined with the application of Javascript (ReactJS), has brought to El Petit Celler is a great increase in the speed of navigation within the online store. Page loading is almost instantaneous. Website speed is a crucial factor for both Google ranking and user experience (UX). 53% of users abandon a website if it is too slow.

In addition, to carry out the development of the new Petit Celler it was necessary to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2, the most used eCommerce platform worldwide for the creation of online stores. In turn, the Magento platform has been integrated with its shipping management system and management software. As a result, all shipping and invoicing management has been automated, as well as warehouse management and parcel services.


Find out what improvements are included in the new Akeneo PIM 5.0

The new Akeneo PIM 5.0 version comes with a revamped rules engine / © Akeneo

The new Akeneo PIM 5.0 version comes with a revamped rules engine / © Akeneo

The new Akeneo PIM 5.0 is now available in Enterprise and Community editions. The French multinational Akeneo, of which ASM Web Services is an official partner, has released a revamped version of its product information management system. The new PIM comes a year after the previous version was launched during the Akeneo PIM Summit 2020. In this post we summarize the main new features.

1. Increase automation with Akeneo PIM 5.0

The new version of Akeneo PIM comes with a revamped rules engine that includes Rules Builder. This new screen will allow users to create and manage business rules more easily. The screen takes all actions from YML files (which will remain available) and allows marketing teams to, for example, automatically categorize products, copy attribute values or set defaults.

2. Increased connectivity

A new API has also been introduced to facilitate data synchronization and distribution with third-party applications. The Events API accelerates data synchronization between Akeneo PIM and third-party applications. This new API is complementary to the existing REST API.

In addition, the new Akeneo PIM 5.0 features enhancements to Connections to allow users to track sent and received data more accurately. Increased autonomy to act on synchronization errors.

3. More facilities for monitoring data quality

The enhanced Data Quality Insights dashboard is another new feature of Akeneo PIM 5.0. It is designed to make it easier to monitor product data quality and get recommendations on how to improve it. It incorporates advanced spell checking features and language coverage to meet the needs of internationalized businesses.

4. Improves import and export

Import and export capabilities are also improved. A stop button and progress bar have been added, as well as new export profiles for assets and reference entities. Users can choose to export attribute tags instead of attribute codes.

5. Add custom units of measure

Finally, Akeneo PIM 5.0 allows you to easily create custom measurement units and measurement families, which join the wide range of traditional and standard measurements available in PIM.

Interested in any of the new features of the new version of Akeneo PIM? Get in touch with us. The ASM Web Services team will help you integrate this management system into your eCommerce.


Opportunities for the online store in 2021

Opportunities for the online store in 2021

Online shopping has become the first choice for many consumers.

Online store usage soared during 2020 in Spain. The e-commerce sector reached a turnover of 12,243 million euros in the first quarter of 2020, 11.6% more than in the same period of 2019, according to data from the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC).

Online shopping has become the first choice for many consumers and the trend will continue in 2021. 67% of consumers expect to increase their spending on online shopping in the coming months, according to data from the study prepared by Google Internationalization online: an opportunity for companies.

This report also shows that 33% of Spanish users claim to have bought something in recent months in an online store where they had not done so before the coronavirus.

To take advantage of this context of growth, we have made a selection of the opportunities that will present themselves to the online store in 2021.

Quality product information

93% of shoppers already get information and search for what they are interested in through the online channel, as stated in IAB Spain’s 2020 Annual eCommerce Study. Marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress are still the reference for product information among users. However, the websites of the stores themselves and search engines are growing compared to 2019 to reach 51% and 49% of searches, respectively. Having quality product content is key to offering consumers the information they are looking for at the right time and in the right place. To this end, having a PIM (Product Information Management), a product information management system, is essential. Akeneo PIM is one of the most powerful platforms on the market, simplifying the process of integrating suppliers and data sources. Regardless of the number of products in the catalog, Akeneo PIM helps to organize all the information and streamlines the way it is managed.

Secure payments become the only option

With the entry into force of the European PSD2 payment directive at the beginning of 2021, two-step customer identification (except for small payments) and secure payments will become the only option for selling, both physically and online. A commitment to payment technology that facilitates PSD2 compliance is a must.

The rise of social commerce will continue

The main social networks (Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest) have been incorporating functionalities that integrate or favor e-commerce through the platform itself. Social commerce, i.e. the integration of social platforms into the online commerce circuit, will increase in the coming year. It will do so either as a direct sales method or as a means for users to get information or advice on a product or service they are considering purchasing.

The chatbot, increasingly indispensable

Email conversations and phone calls are going out of fashion and consumers are losing interest in them. Chatbots will be an excellent way for online stores to provide customer support and clear the doubts they have about a product. In many occasions having a chatbot will make the difference between getting a sale or not.

Voice Commerce’s big breakthrough?

Voice search is one of the e-commerce trends that could make the biggest impact in the coming year. According to e-commerce data from ComsCore, by 2021 more than 50% of digital search queries will be by voice. According to data from the consulting firm Gartner, companies that support visual and voice search on their websites can achieve a 30% increase in online store revenues by 2021.


6 advantages that Akeneo PIM 4.0 brings to an online store

6 ventajas que aporta el Akeneo PIM 4.0 a una tienda online

Akeneo PIM 4.0 incorporates new features and has enhanced some of those already in place.

El Akeneo PIM 4.0 makes life easier for teams responsible for managing online stores. PIM. or Product Information Management, is an application that integrates with a company’s online commerce platform of choice—Magento or SalesForce Commerce, for example—along with other sales channels and software systems. This tool allows you to maintain control over all areas of eCommerce.

The latest version of their PIM released by Akeneo for the market, includes new features and has enhanced some of those already in place. Here are 6 of the main advantages that Akeneo PIM 4.0 brings to an online store.

Akeneo PIM 4.0 enhances product experience

By using Asset Manager, PIM users can visually manage and transform product-related digital assets to deliver robust, targeted product experiences in the online store. Additionally, it enables you to link assets to product catalogues through improved API-level integration with existing DAM–Digital Asset Management systems.

Suggestions for enriching product information

Akeneo PIM 4.0 incorporates the Data Quality Insights feature, which gives users automatic suggestions to improve product data. PIM assesses product data accuracy and quality, automatically flags misspellings and incorrect formatting, and displays data quality ratings on a colour-coded dashboard.

Increased conversion rate

Better product information means more sales and fewer returns. According to Akeneo’s figures, conversion rates increase by up to 56%.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

The Franklin Insights library of technical product information developed by Akeneo uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to automatically suggest product attributes for the catalogues. Marketers can review and accept Franklin’s suggestions with a single click, ensuring a streamlined path to product data enrichment.

Ease of connection

The new connections module simplifies connection management, allowing users to easily establish and manage third-party connectors from a single panel.

Reduce Time to Market

An online store with the new Akeneo PIM 4.0 can market products faster, via several channels and to several regions.

The new “Akeneo PIM 4.0” is more agile and scalable.

Akeneo has just launched the new version of its Product Information Management (PIM) system, the Akeneo PIM 4.0. The French company has taken advantage of the Akeneo PIM Summit 2020, the annual meeting of customers and partners held in Paris on February 5 and 6, to present it.
With this evolution, which comes to replace version 3.2, the performance of the solution increases substantially, and allows customers to benefit from faster imports and exports. Time to market is also shortened and scalability is increased to expand product catalogs. These are the main novelties that the Akeneo PIM 4.0 presents.

El nuevo Akeneo PIM 4.0 es más ágil y escalable

Improve the product experience

One of the new functionalities, and one of the most relevant, of Akeneo PIM 4.0 is the Asset Manager. This central dashboard enables business users to organize and enrich all kinds of product-related digital assets. They will be able to visually manage and transform digital assets to deliver robust, channel-specific product experiences, and link assets to product catalogs through improved API (application programming interface) level integration with Digital Asset (DAM) systems. Management) existing.

Quality Product Information

The Data Quality Insights functionality is another of the novelties that the Akeneo PIM incorporates. Assess the accuracy and quality of product data, automatically flag misspellings and incorrect formatting, and display data quality ratings on a color-coded dashboard. Users get automated suggestions to improve product data, quickly correct errors, and ensure accuracy and consistency of product data Introducing the new Akeneo PIM 4.0

Presentación del nuevo Akeneo PIM 4.0

Franklin Insights suggests

Franklin Insights, the library of technical product information developed by Akeneo, takes another leap forward. It integrates a new attribute mapping feature that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically suggest product attributes for product catalogs. Marketers will be able to review and accept Franklin’s suggestions with a single click, ensuring an optimized path to product data enrichment.

A more simplified administration

The last of the news that we want to explain to you from the ASM Web Services team at Akeneo PIM 4.0 is the new connections module. It simplifies connection management by using efficient API-based integration to allow users to easily establish and manage third-party connectors from a single pane of glass. This new feature includes a dashboard to easily monitor data flows in and out of the PIM, enabling effortless security management between applications.

The binomial Akeneo PIM and Magento (part 2)

In addition to this project in the antipodes, 2019 has also left us relevant local projects. Casmar, a distributor of global solutions for security and surveillance, for example, is one of them. On the one hand, we have been working on the implementation of Akeneo PIM for the management of its product catalog. At the same time, we have created its new online store (focused on B2B) with Magento 2, which is fed by all the product information that is being generated in the PIM, in order to improve the user experience. The online store is connected to its ERP, which is Navision, to manage orders automatically and maintain stocks in all markets in which they are present (Spain, Portugal, Colombia and Chile) and their warehouses.

Another project that combines Akeneo PIM and Magento technologies has been carried out by our team for Brico Depôt, a French chain of DIY, garden and home renovation products. The first phase consisted of setting up its online store (aimed at B2B), based on the Click & Collect model, also known as online shopping and store collection. The second phase has already started and we will carry it out throughout 2020.

Proyecto de ASMWS para Brico Depôt

We have also used the Magento solution last year to carry out the evolutions of the eCommerce of the Torres, and the agri-food company Disfruta & Verdura.

Waiting for the Akeneo PIM 4.0

We have talked about the PIM of Akeneo, the French company of which ASM Web Services is a silver partner in Spain, we would like to recall a relevant fact related to this solution: the launch of version 3.2 on the market.

The main novelties that the new version brought were an improvement in the reference entities, Franklin Insights and work processes, as well as greater benefits in the performance of e-commerce and in the API. Looking ahead to next February, coinciding with the Akeneo PIM Summit 2020, the annual meeting of customers and partners that we will attend, the French company has announced that it will present in society a new version of its PIM, the Akeneo 4.0.

An even more prepared team

One of the best ways we have to evolve as a company is through training and expanding the knowledge of the team. For this reason, four ASM Web Services professionals obtained official certifications in 2019. José Antonio Lópezfunctional & technical consultant, functional & technical consultant, has achieved the Akeneo Certified Developer. For his part, Rodrigo País Garay, eCommerce functional consultant, obtained the Magento 2 Solution Specialist certification.Ismael Felipa, FrontEnd web developer, obtained the M2 Front End Developer certification for Magento 2. And finally Dani PalacioseCommerce solutions developer,eCommerce solutions developer, became the first Spanish developer to obtain the certification for M2 JavaScript Developer from Magento.

El equipo de ASMWS aumenta las certificaciones

ASMWS presence in León is consolidated

We end this summary of the year by looking even further back. If we jump back in time to 2018, we ended that year with the announcement of our new offices in León, located in the Center for Technology-Based Companies (CEBT), very close to the popular MUSAC, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla y León.

After 365 days of flight, the project headed by Jesús Martínez has been fully consolidated and has allowed us to explore new business avenues in that Spanish region.