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Werfen makes the leap to Office 365 with ASM Web Services

Werfen had adopted cloud computing technology a few years ago, but wanted to go further. The world’s leading in vitro diagnostics company made a strategic decision to take full advantage of the capabilities of the cloud and provide its workers, partners and customers with new collaboration and productivity capabilities. That is why he decided to […]

Office 365 makes teleworking easier for companies

Teleworking has been the solution that companies have found to not stop productive activity and ensure the health of their equipment while the health crisis caused by Covid-19 lasts. In this context, Microsoft’s Office 365 platform stands as a very complete tool that facilitates the effective development of teleworking for companies, since effective interaction and […]

Being united is the key

Dear ASM Web Services customers and partners: The current situation is not turning out to be easy for anyone but our team wants to be there in case you need us. We thank you for your trust and we are 100% committed to guaranteeing the level of service and support with the maximum normality that […]